Sydney NSW Birds

Centennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park and Warriewood Wetlands are excellent places to see the birds of the city. Further afield the Blue Mountains to the west and Royal National Park to the south are great venues. Pelagic birds can be seen from cliff top vantage points and from specialist boat trips to the continental shelf.


Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a haven for city and water birds with over 150 species recorded.

Royal National Park

The Royal National Park to the south was one of the world’s first national parks. Habitats include rain forest, heathlands and beautiful beaches.

Sydney Pelagic Birds

Many of the world’s sea birds can be seen on pelagic boat trips to the continental shelf. Some can been seen from shore during southerly storms.

Botany Bay

Despite the container port and air port there are still seabirds and waterbirds to be seen.

Blog: Sydney Olympic Park

The waterbird refuge is home to hundreds of birds including migrant Godwits and Sandpipers.

Blog: Eastern Suburb Birds

Bird sites in Sydney’s east.