New South Wales Birds

New South Wales has a wide range of wildlife habitats: beaches, coastal and inland wetlands, lakes, rain-forest, the mid-west woodlands and desert scrubs of the inland. The mix of wet region birds, dry-land and migratory and sea birds results in a bird-list of over 400 species.

South Coast NSW

South Coast river mouths and lagoons are havens for seabirds and waterbirds; honeyeaters migrate south to heathland, bush and rainforest habitats.

Western NSW

New South Wale’s temperate woodlands stretch hundreds of kilometres from the coast then transition to the dry-lands and deserts of the inland.


Parks, wetlands and surrounding National Parks provide excellent bird-watching around Sydney.

Sydney Pelagic

Launch trips to the continental shelf provide views of many of the world’s pelagic birds.

Leeton and Griffith

The NSW Riverina is home to water birds, coastal and dryland birds.

Birds of the Bush

The NSW “bush” includes temperate rainforests, open woodlands and arid scrubs.